ipad, @stephenfry, Steve Jobs, advertising

I have an imac and an iphone and find it hard not to be anything other than really enthustiastic about Steve Jobs and ipad. But I’m surprised with Stephen Fry’s posts on Twitter about imac this evening. Why?

Stephen Fry is a national treasure; a TV polymath for the ‘Countdown age’. He remembers lots of stuff.  Everyone loves him, including me.  He’s followed by a million people on Twitter, a medium which many experts say isn’t right for hard advertising.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Apple is launching a product which looks like it could feasibly put Amazon out of business (it’s Kindle is very smart, yet it might be dead by June).  Apple is pushing the Iraq Inquiry off the news tonight.  And tomorrow too (check BBC’s Today Programme tomorrow morning).  Make no mistake, tonight marks the beginning of a war to kill off Amazon.

Stephen has been Tweeting like a mad thing about ipad all evening –  here I am mentioning it, by default, again.  I don’t doubt he’s as enthused by it as the rest of us.  But if you have a million followers on Twitter (and probably 20 times more on Facebook) then thats a different matter.  For most,  you’re doing it for money.  I truly think Stephen Fry is a genuine bloke who doesn’t give much of a toss about the cash.  But it’s clear that those who guard his brand, the media professionals, now see it as good for selling stuff. Stephen Fry’s the vanguard in tonight’s advertising campaign regardless of what’s been said recently about Twitter not being a good platform.

Me?  For what it’s worth, I’m up for imaginative advertising if it buys me in and, important, makes me laugh. Check out @Aleksandr_Orlov (meerkat/market campaign).  But the Stephen Fry effort is just the easy and cheap selling of a national treasure’s candlabra.  I’m a politician.  Everyone hates the folk who get elected, right?  That’s life now.

But lovely Stephen Fry? Everyone’s going to love him until the next time his advisers sell that funny and lovely man for whatever is next.  Then there’ll be nothing left to make us laugh.  We’ll all be wondering what he’s selling.

Stick to being lovely, funny, clever mate. It’s what you’re brilliant at. Up to you, though.