Congo Fire Sale 2

New documents provide further details of undervaluation of state assets, sold to off shore ‘shell’
companies at a loss of $1B to the Congolese people. Documents appear to show, in addition, the transfer of $10,000,000  from state company Sodomico to a 2011 election fund by Congo Mines Minister Martin Kabwelulu.
Letters from Laurent Kangoa, CEO of the state owned mining firm, SODIMICO to Congolese President
Joseph Kabila; Mining Minister Martin Kabwelulu and the central bank Governor also confirm the details of a
sale of shares in two copper projects.

SODIMICO – letter 1 – election funding

SODIMICO – letter 2 – election funding

SODIMICO – letter 3 – election funding

SODIMICO – Order to make payments


1 Comment

  1. thank you very much Sir,

    what a great job you are doing to bring to light what was in dark by showing us how the country was run, how the bunch of so called dirigeants been milking the system for their own benefit in this time while millions of congolese are living on extreme poverty; really, I would say that you are such a good friend of the congolese people.
    thans God, there is justice and I assure you, Sir soon with Mr tshisekedi, they will be brought to justice.
    thank you, indeed to show how you do care for the good cause.
    tell me what else do you know about R.D.CONGO and the country was running?
    please do drop me an e-mail.

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