Congo Fire Sale

I’m chair of the All Party African Great Lakes Group (, with over 200 MPs and Lords we’re one of the largest and most active groups at the UK parliament. For some time, I’ve been working on the issue of the alleged underpriced sale by the government of the DRC of billions of dollars worth of state assets. In the light of powerful new evidence, I’m now releasing these important documents.  Start by reading the first document, my press release, below.

Summary $5.5bn loss to Congolese People through Questionable Mining Deals

Summary $5.5bn loss, FRENCH Version

2. Response de Gecamines Sarl au Questionnaire du FMI

3. Communique de Press de Gecamines. August 2011

5. BVI Records – Rowney Assets Limited

6. BVI Records – Biko Invest Corp

7. ENRC Africa Holdings Limited Financial Statement for t

8. Proces- Verbal Synthetique [Gecamines 09 Avril 2010]

9. CAMEC plc aquires extensive copper and cobalt assets i

10. BVI Records- Emerald Star Enterprises Ltd0001

14. 8 January 2010 Gecamines’ Board Minutes (2)

16. Numis Securities Ltd, report on FQM. 7 July 2010

17. BVI Records – Highwinds Propoerties Ltd0001

18. BVI Records Pareas Limited

19. BVI Records – Interim Holdings Limited (2)

20. BVI Records – Blue Narcissus Limited

25. BVI Records – Sandro Holdings Limited



  1. […] américains. Pour plus de détails et de documents sur lesquels s’appuie Eric Joyce, voir le dossier de documentation sur son site […]

  2. KABILA ne peut plus dirigé ce pays car en dix ans, il a fait plus de mal que MOBUTU en 30 ans.

  3. The headline refers to a USD 5.5 m (mio ?) loss (“through questionable mining deals”) while the article states USD 5.5 billion. I fear that the latter may be more accurate.

  4. Great work – just a quick note that the headline for your 5.5bn article says 5.5 m (ie million not billion)

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